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A letter from Sonja (English)

Hello Elna

I am so happy whilst writing this letter to you today. I hope you still remember me. About a month ago, I ordered probiotics from you for my youngest son, Ewan. We live in Lydenburg and Ewan is 3 years old. Ewan is doing MUCH better! He has definitely gotten better since we started with the probiotics. About a week after starting the probiotics, he started eating better, eats about five types of food and it keeps increasing. He has more energy and looks healthier. I also give him Flaxseed oil. In the last month his vocabulary has grown immensely, he’s starting to talk in sentences.

This morning he pulled down his pants and stood in front of the toilet — first good sign for potty training! Emotionally he has developed a lot. A week ago, we added two Maltese puppies into our home. He didn’t want anything to do with then, but today, when no one was looking, he softly stroked the one puppy and placed his head against him!!! He also comforts me and comes to be comforted. He gets irritated when someone says something to him that he doesn’t like and he hugs me when I ask and he laughs and has a sense of humour. Things are going very well and his mind, as well as his emotions, are definitely developing.

I started a blog to tell people about him, as well as a discussion group to get the people of our country talking about this. I will really appreciate it if you would visit the blog or if you know of any parents else who would like to visit it. At the moment Ewan takes 10ml probiotics. I’m thinking of increasing it to 15ml



Sonja het ook haar eie blog. / Sonja also has her own blog. Gaan lees gerus meer oor verskillende behandelings vir Outistiese kinders. / Please read more about different treatments for Autistic Children.

Kliek op haar blog-adres / Click on her blog address.

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