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ANTIOXIDANTS - protect your cells against the effect of free radicals

Food supplement. A natural antioxidant that helps with the scavenging of free radicals that causes arthritis pain, high blood pressure and allergies. Supports the immune system.

PROANTHOCYANIDIN is a macromolecule consisting of a composition of flavonoid molecules.
It crosses the stomach and ileum very well to be absorbed in the bloodstream and achieve maximum plasma levels within 25 hours.  These antioxidants contain double bonds to bind with unstable free radicals and regenerate vitamin-E molecules (a-tocopherol), thus acting again as antioxidants.

Taken into consideration that BIOremCYDIN has twice the potency, the price of the product is really affordable.

Another advantage of BIOremCYDIN is that it has a vitamin-sparing effect. (Vitamins A, C, E)

It helps to defend the body against viral infections by means of integration-, protease-  and reverse-transcription-inhibition.

This increased antioxidant capacity of the plasma, therefore, helps with counteracting LDL-cholesterol,  the prevention of atherosclerosis,  blood platelet adhesion oedema,  inflammation,  rheumatoid arthritis,  osteoarthritis,  arthritis,  gastric ulcers,  allergies and asthma.



Each 300mg capsule contains:
Pro-Anthocyanins 120m

Technical Note:
BIOremCYDIN was tested by the Zoology/Entomology department of the University of Free state. The results of the study showed that BIOremCYDIN has double the potency of all the competitors and removes free radicals at least twice the speed of other products.

"According to the data obtained it seems that compounds can be clustered into three distinct classes of antioxidants and anti-radical activity. BIOremCydin seems to be the antioxidant formulation with the highest antioxidant coefficient on a gram."

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