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Magnesium Oil is one of nature's best kept secret remedies.
A simple spray of magnesium oil may keep the doctor away.

"There are many magnesium chloride products on the market. Some are natural ones taken from the sea, others are taken from brine flows at certain lakes, and now we find a sea of it 1500meters underground in Northern Europe that is as pure as can be. So, when I put my endorsement on the Ancient Mineral product line, it is with intimate knowledge that this magnesium source is the purest, most potent medicinal in the world." Dr Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD




- Superior to oral absorption.
- Boosts energy levels.
- Safe, effective detoxification method.
- Improves athletic strength and performance.
- Relieves aches, pains and cramps.
- Hormone balance and menopausal relief via increased DHEA levels.
- Assists in controlling blood sugar levels.
- Reduces the effects of stress, anxiety and depression.
- Improves the quality of sleep.
- Can be rinsed off after 20min.
- Use before and during exercise, jogging, cycling etc.
- Magnesium Chloride.
- Transdermal — Spray on.
- Superior to oral absorption
- Can cause diarrhoea when the same dosage for skin is used orally.
- Can cause an itchy reaction on the skin — Dilute with boiled, cooled water.
- Normally no oily residue.

Caution: Cannot be used by people with low blood pressure or kidney failure.

Download an info pack HERE

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