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Bovine colostrum vs whey protein. Which product is more beneficial for resistance training?

Strenuous training is known to causes a temporary disturbance in your immune system which makes many athletes more susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections. This negatively affects their training and competition performance.

There is evidence that daily supplementation with bovine colostrum can help maintain the athletes intestinal barrier integrity (prevents leaky gut) and immune function which may reduce the chances of upper respiratory tract infections while training.

A study has been done on the effects of bovine colostrum compared to whey protein on the tissue composition of resistance trained and untrained elbow flexors of their non-dominant arm in healthy young men. Participants were randomly split into to two groups and given 60grams per day of either bovine colostrum or whey protein. The group of trained men on bovine colostrum experienced a significantly greater increase in circumference and cross-sectional area compared to the group on whey protein.

In another study, over an 8 week period, active men and woman were randomly allocated into two groups: a whey protein and colostrum group and given 20g per day in powder form. Each person participated in aerobic and resistance training at least three times per week. The whey protein group experienced a significant increase in body weight, whereas the colostrum group experienced a significant increase in bone-free lean body mass.

Further studies on the effects of bovine colostrum vs whey protein in older adults during resistance training, over an 8 week period, established that bovine colostrum supplementation was beneficial for increasing leg press strength and reducing bone resorption in older adults. Participants received 60g/day of bovine colostrum or whey protein complex. Both the bovine colostrum and whey protein groups improved in upper body strength (bench press strength), muscle thickness, lean tissue mass, bone mineral content and cognitive function with no difference between the two groups.

In conclusion both bovine colostrum and whey protein have their benefits. Bovine colostrum may however be more beneficial as it helps to maintain intestinal barrier integrity (prevents leaky gut) and based on the results of the various documented studies carried out. Our bovine colostrum is also enzymatic making it suitable for lactose intolerant individuals.

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