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All new moms know the importance of breastfeeding your new born baby. But, did you know that the right type of cream or ointment may actually prevent cracking of the nipple and help speed up the healing process during the time you are breastfeeding. Of course, you may never require a nipple cream, but it is important to have something on hand just in case you ever do, that is both safe for the baby and effective in keeping the nipples moisturised as well as assisting in the healing process.


In recent years research has shown that 100% lanolin ointment, cream or balm is very soothing to the new mother’s nipples but it can also go a long way in preventing nipple trauma by maintaining the internal moisture of the skin. It may also speed up healing the nipple when there is already trauma. Lanolin is a fatty substance found on the sheep’s wool and produced by the sheep’s pores to keep the surface of the sheep’s skin moisturised. Lanolin does not have to be washed off prior to breastfeeding because it is 100% safe for the baby and in fact most babies do not even mind the taste.

Our Terapeutico: Calmar Pomade balm is a 100% lanolin based balm containing 3 natural plant extracted bioflavonoids, & probiotics (including Vitamin E). This will not only keep the skin around your nipples moist and supple but also greatly speed up the healing process and the probiotics may assist in the prevention of infection by making the skin unfavourable for any bad bacteria to thrive in. Another plus is that the Terapeutico is also fantastic for nappy rash and most other skin irritations, so it is a secret weapon you should definitely keep in your medicine cabinet.

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