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Magnesium Oil - 100ml

Spray. Pure Magnesium Chloride


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Magnesium Oil - 100ml



    - Superior to oral absorption.
    - Boosts energy levels.
    - Safe, effective detoxification method.
    - Improves athletic strength and performance.
    - Relieves aches, pains and cramps.
    - Hormone balance and menopausal relief via increased DHEA levels.
    - Assists in controlling blood sugar levels.
    - Reduces the effects of stress, anxiety and depression.
    - Improves the quality of sleep.
    - Can be rinsed off after 20min.
    - Use before and during exercise, jogging, cycling etc.
    - Magnesium Chloride.
    - Transdermal — Spray on.
    - Superior to oral absorption
    - Can cause diarrhoea when the same dosage for skin is used orally.
    - Can cause an itchy reaction on the skin — Dilute with boiled, cooled water.
    - Normally no oily residue.

    Caution: Cannot be used by people with low blood pressure or kidney failure.

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